Biolytix AG

Biolytix AG

Neumattweg 16

4243 Dittingen

Tel +41 61 725 20 70

Contact person (s)

Adrian Härri
Marco Ferraro

Certificates QMS

, ISO 17025

Accredited laboratory for molecular biological and microbiological inquiries of food-, stimulants-, feed-, cosmetic-, environmental- and pharmaceutical products.

  • Molecular biological procedures for establishing and measuring genexpression
  • Immunological procedures for detecting allergens
  • Quantitative detection of micro-organisms  / industrial hygiene
  • Genotyping of laboratory animals using molecular biological procedures

 Molecular Biological Analyses

  • Affymetrix GeneChip® analyses
  • Detection of GMO in animal feed, food and tobacco
  • Detection of allergens in food
  • Animal species identification
  • Establishment and validation of assays
  • Detection of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Wine analyses
  • Genotyping of transgenic mice
  • Gene expression studies
  • Distribution of PCR-Kits
  • Tick Test (
  • Consulting

 Microbiological Analyses

  • Detection of bacteria, fungi and viruses in food and water
  • Hygiene inspection of businesses and production facilities
  • Veterinary diagnostics
  • Drinking water analyses
  • Consulting

First accreditation: 24.5.2004; accreditation number STS 408;
accreditation standard ISO/IEC 17025